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Rob Sawkins


Stephen Downes

Metal cat.

It would be hard for the cat to get at the dog to harm it, but it could harm it. Dog, meanwhile, can't even put a scratch on the cat.


I *LOVE* both flying dog and metal cat. Hard to chose. Hmmm. This calls for a Brixton crack squwerl t-shirt


absolutely, rocking kitty.


dogs rule! there is no way a stupid metal cat could beat the amazing flying dog! i have a dog and a cat, and let me tell you, my dog doesnt sit aroud all day like my cat, Ty. he has boundless energy while my cat only has time in his skeduel to fit in naps for the whole day.cats cannot swim,rescue people/animals,and even be trained to smell if someone is carring drugs on an airplane or train. so if a dog could have the power to fly, and have all of the amazing powers the dog itself has even when puppy, while the cat turns to metal and does nothing but nap with the power, then the flying dog will definatly beat the cat with metal powers.

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