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Ben Dummett

Ohhh, 'schadenfreude' nice word.

Orlando Copithorne

Anti-dog lasers sounds like a really good idea. I could have used one from time to time, with great effect, when I still had my corporeal being.

Yours from Cyberspace


Rik Abel

Ben - thanks! I hope to use the word 'tatterdemalion' in an upcoming post.

Orlando - hi! how are things in cat cyber-heaven? Even though I never had the opportunity to meet you I feel like I know you already.

Orlando Copithorne

Hi Rik
Things are Ok in Cyberspace, although I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. It can be pretty black at times, but it can also be colourful; depends on my mood. Come to think of it, since I don't exist in the physical sense, everything in Cyberspace depends on my mood.

Yours from Cyberspace


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