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Sounds like a winner to me Rik! I'm willing to invest this months income from Google Ads on my website (almost 2 dollars) ;-)


love it -- i want a desktop speakerphone version in the form of a garden gnome


ben fowler

i'm the senior buyer at firebox.com. we are the uk's leading online boys toys and gadget retails site.
i just stumbled across your blog and saw the bluetooth parrot idea. what a fantastic product ! just the kind of innovative gadget i'm sure our customers would love. let me know when you have a working sample and we'll arrange a meeting for you to demonstrate your wonderful device.
one thing that troubled me a little however ( and perhaps you could shed some light on this ) how would one fix the parrot to the shoulder ?. have you developed an idea for some sort of universal coupling device ?

look forward to hearing from you

best wishes
ben fowler

Malcolm J.

The parrot idea kick ass. you could also do an angel/devil on your shoulder, or a fake head so it looks like you're arguing with yourself, a la Zaphod Beeblebrox. "Beeblebrox" would be a pretty good name for it.


Well done, great picture, great post title. I salute you!

Ben Dummett

I think that device has great future.


there is a recent project at the mit media lab that's similar to that idea:

from http://www.media.mit.edu/research/SigPubWeb.pl?ID=10 :

Robotic P.A.C.E.: Parrot Alerting in a Communication Environment
Stefan Marti and Chris Schmandt

The Robotic P.A.C.E. project explores the use of a robotic embodiment in the form of a parrot sitting on the user’s shoulder, as a means of user interaction, taking advantage of socially intuitive non-verbal cues like gaze and postures. These are different from facial expressions (explored in the Robotic F.A.C.E. project) but at least as important, in order to grab attention and interrupt in a socially appropriate way. Our animatronic parrot, made from a hand puppet and commercially available R/C gear, allows the use of strong non-verbal social cues like posture and gaze to alert and notify. This wireless bird, which can be computer-remote-controlled by connecting to a server via TCP which in turn connects to a modified R/C transmitter, is capable of expressive head and wing movements.



Rich Gautier

This is a fantastic idea! And having many different versions of the same device would be great as well! I hope that you find the funding you are looking for, but I would suggest trying to just go ahead and build the prototype first anyway. Just take a speakerphone module and stick it in a stuffed toy and call ThinkGeek about a deal. They might be able to hook you up with a Chinese factory to make them by the thousands.


Hi Rich,

Well, I initially posted it as a bit of a laugh, but the more I think about it, the more I think it may actually have commercial viability. So, yes, I'll build a prototype, I think. Better offer it to Firebox before Thinkgeek, given that I work for the former - they might be a bit miffed otherwise...


I really love this idea and your picture is fantastic. Came here from Mike's list by the way. Thanks for the laugh!

Not Schizo

Excellent! When can I buy one? :-)


Or how about a little angel and devil set, one for each shoulder, like your conscience talking to you? That would look good in a conference call!

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Al Davidson

I think we should combine this with an idea of mine to produce the Bluetooth text message alert eyepatch. In fact, if you added on a speech-to-text interface, you could have complete hands-free-plus-one-eye-free control of your mobile AND look like a pirate into the bargain! How fantastic is that?

Just need a snappy name....

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