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Wow, Turranah! What a great excuse to go back there! I can just sense the urge to look once more into the weird little aspects of Canadian language laws which is bound to strike in a few months from now. As long as the weird Japanese family that occupied our B&B is not there anymore, we'll be fine.


Love that you mentioned bumping into Geddy Lee in the MEC in Toronto, since that is of course, my story! Toronto is great for that. Though you'll have to go to Vancouver to spot your other fave, Goldie Hawn. She lives there now, and went to see the Dalai Lama's roundtable discussion at UBC. ha ha!


By the way, all the cool kids call it "T-dot" now. I don't know why. It used to be cool to call it T-O. No longer. I wish I had an explanation but all I can do is relay the facts.


Hi Rebecca,

Well, I know it is YOUR story, but until you recounted it to me it didn't occur to me that I might actually bump into the Lee-ster, as I like to call him. heh.

T-dot. I dunno. Not sure I can bring myself to say it!



Of course you must come and visit! And I insist you stay with us, assuming we have somewhere to live. How weird were your Japanese family? When we stayed in a B & B there was a mom and her kid, aged about eight, who filled his cereal bowl by grabbing handfuls of Rice Crispies from the box with his sticky, filthy child hands, while his mother looked on blithely. And the scary thing is that she did catering for parties. Ewww...


There were a dozen family members, only one of them spoke broken English. They forced the door to our bedroom twice on our first night, unaware that 'private bathroom' actually meant that the toilet should only be used by the people staying in that specific room. The morning after, the father of the family wanted to make up by making coffee for us. Little did he know how a coffee-maker worked, let alone what he had to do with the full coffee filter that still was in filter holder. He just washed it down the sink, all the while mumbling and bowing. The man clearly was the family's outcast, always left alone in a corner of the living room; he was divorced years ago and now had to serve the rest of the family as a pariah- cooking, cleaning, everything. I haven't reached a comparable level of surrealist conversation ever since, I'm sad to say. "Good morning!" "'Ah, Niagara, ahahah!" Magritte is everywhere.


Hi Rik,

I have no problem at all with you using my story, I am delighted that it has fueled Canadian celebrity fantasies for you. I hope you meet a bunch when you come to Toronto. Maybe you will spot (that bitch) Anne Murray in Kensington Market, or Peter Mansbridge at Lee's Palace. ha ha! (Apparently Anne Murray really is a bitch.) Well, here's hoping!

On a completely different note, I can't wait to take you two for a paddle when you get here. http://bkocay.cs.umanitoba.ca/MRCA/Mason/Mason.html

Rik Abel

i'm really very much looking forward to going paddling with you. i last paddled when in canada in summer 2002 (I think!) we were in the Broken Group Islands, and it was great, except after the first day a fog descended and then didn't really lift for the rest of the week. this meant that most of the time we were splishing along in almost complete silence, with visibility of about 50 feet. It was really eerie. Cool in its own way, but I'd really like to try paddling in sunshine as well!

i will do some advanced reading on paddling for sure. i used to paddle a canadian style canoe at the boating lake at the beach in wells-next-the-sea. this lake is called "Abraham's Bosom", which i think is kind of cute. anyway, i'd go for a little adventure among the weeds, but then after twenty minutes my number was called and my time was up and i had to go back.

it won't be like that, will it? are we going to Algonquin Provinical Park?




Oh yes! We will go paddling in Algonquin, almost certainly, and I promise it won't be a thing like Abe's Breasts. And I hope to take you and A hiking, paddling or just splashing about in Killarney too! (Or at least, you two should go together at some point.) http://friendsofkillarneypark.ca/pages/gallery.html
Because the lakes in Killarney are on the acidic/dead side there (mostly naturally), they are gorgeously clear. Sam and I once, from the shore, watched a loon (the bird) dive and swim very very very fast underwater for a good long way. It was quite amazing.
But first I am hoping we will just go to our cottage (three hours or so away from Toronto), and loll about on the hot rocks, and drink very cold beer, and go for a dip in the big clean lake when we all get too hot and sweaty to play another round of crokinole. http://www.crokinole.com/rules.asp


oh, that sounds quite spiffing. can't wait to play crokinole!



If you are interested in paddling in the North, here are some sites with information on canoing in Saskatchewan




I would have paddled these routes myself, if it hadn't been for my untimely demise.

Yours from hyperspace



Why thanks, Orlando!

I just want you to know that I consider it a great shame that I never got to meet you when you were incarnated on earth, but I am grateful that we can communicate between worlds through the power of the interweb. I'll be sure to check those links out.

How would you hold a paddle with your little cat paws, if you don't mind me asking? Some sort of velcro mitts?



I would have liked to meet you, too.

Velcro mitts sounds like a good idea, but I didn't need them.

With my paws being partially webbed, I actually didn't need a paddle, I just propelled my (very small) canoe along, with one paw on either side, in the same way a legless person on a platform would.

Sorry, I made a mistake when I referred to hyperspace in my last message. I'm actually in cyberspace. Hyperspace is down the road a ways, past the old mill.

Regards from cyberspace.


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