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Don't know what ultra-civilized theaters you were going to in Vancouver, but they've been showing ads intermingled with real move previews for some time here, as far as I know. Mind you, there aren't too many yet. Certainly nor 30 mins, but maybe you were exaggerating.

Just think though, how long will it be before they force you to watch ads on DVDs? Fair enough that you can't skip past the anti-piracy warnings there, but wait til they force you to sit through an ad for the latest SUV, which will be shown driving all over these wild gorgeous places, (when really we know it will just sit on the highway in gridlock 99% of its "lifetime", stinking up the air and burning through fossil fuels at a tremendous rate, etc etc.).

On his satirical show Monday Report, Rick Mercer skewered those horrid anti-piracy things they show in theaters, it was brilliant. But for the time being CBC.ca seems to have taken down all the clips. If they put it back up I'll send you the link.

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