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Rik, you bastard. You didn't leave me a number to ring you back, but things are sorted at mine and you two can kip here in sunny Seattle. You've probably already left, haven't you. Oh well. Ring me on the way.


Lovely to see you both. Enjoy the library. Safe travels in Thor...


Explain to me why, actually, I didn't get a photo of the four of us while you were here? Stupid, really. You must send me one of the two of you at some point.


Hey, let me know when you get here (T-Dot!) and we can scare up some of the GTABloggers for a drink somewhere, ok?


Hey Chris, Thanks for having us - it was great to see you and meet Celeste. No idea why we forgot to do photos - we must be twats.

Hey James, I will certainly let you know when we arrive in Toronto - it will be lovely to get together with some GTABloggers, I'm looking forward to it - probably around the 20th August, I think.


Right. August 24th. Where did the Volvo break down?

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