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I see Google has chosen to respond to your squirrel-based literature by putting pest-control ads on your page!

Here's the type they have in Africa. It has enormous nuts, as you can see:


You have to come out to High Park (sadly, nowhere near as cool as Hyde Park) where the squirrels have organized themselves in these furry armies. They're absolutely everywhere, and in a constant state of conflict with the local waterfowl population.

One thing that I find mildly creepy is the fact that they clench their little squirrelly paws like furry fists when they look up at you... <shudder>


I shall venture out there once I have equipped myself with Kevlar body armour. I see google adwords is having trouble coming up with enough squirrel-related material - I may need to do another post...


At least the squirrels in Toronto aren't predacious, the way the squirrels in Vancouver are -- particularly in Stanley Park, where I was once stalked by a gang of torn-eared, mangy-coated, drool-dripping-fanged black squirrels. Even the less carnivorous ones in Stanley Park will WALK ALL OVER YOU. Literally. Like crawl up your leg and perch on your shoulder, and begin mind-control experiments by penetrating your skull with their beady-eyed gaze. I am not kidding about this. Hey Rik, how about the Blue Tooth Parrot, and the Blue Tooth Terrifying Stanley Park Squirrel?


Thank you for the link to my squirrel pix! I wrote a full post on those wee furry critters in my blog ... http://chandrasutra.typepad.com/chandra/2004/10/urban_wildlife.html

As a fellow squirrel lover, I really enjoyed reading your post BTW!


No squirrel lover should miss are the albino squirrels of Trinity Bellwood Park. There are usually a couple of them born every year. This summer a particularly hardy albino was terrorizing the foraging grounds near Crawford Avenue, just north of the community centre. They really are quite eerie to see.

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