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I recall hearing rumours that grey squirrels are cannibalistic and eat each other. I've never observed this as I tend to keep out of their way, however red squirrels are a different, umm, bag of nuts, being an all-together more friendly overlord of the tree world... Unfortunately I believe the vast majority have been eaten.


"Any actual attacks?"

How's this?

eric w. pleasure

inkheart! art thou stalking me?
or the other way around?
rik-- i shall keep my eyes open for the 'sisi' button... let it be the harbinger of us, the people with taste. kinda like coconuts to King Arthur. And check inkheart's blogsite for the penultimate squirrel attack story--


Hey, I love squirrels. I actually talk to them from time to time. Sometimes they even chatter back to me. Oh, if only I lived in the Fables of the Green Forest.

My neighbour killed a squirrel last spring. Here's my first-person documentation of it:



Here's a BBC News article from a couple of years ago: Granddad Guns Down Terror Squirrel (in Knutsford of all places).


I was once attcacked by a squirrel. It was a nice day in New York City's Battery Park,when out of nowhere a squirrel flies out of the trees and lands on my head!How's that for an attack?Anyway, I still have scars and bad memories.

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