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Roger Cullman

Hey Rik,

Went to school with Cory Doctorow. Small world, in'nit? I'd try BuddyBuzz, but I don't use text messaging on my phone.

I love that Murmur concept. Spent about 15 minutes on my cell on my way home the other day, listening to stories about a guy who used to work at the Victory Café on Markham Street.

Cheerio from Toronto

Matt Sephton

I used to have a program on my Atari ST that used this one word at a time method of displaying text. It worked well once you got over the initial weirdness hurdle.

Another nice way of reading text on a Mac is Tofu http://homepage.mac.com/asagoo/tofu/


Cory Doctorow is doing a free reading in Toronto on Monday afternoon at Baka bookshop, if you're interested and/or in the area.

I just learned that word SACCADE from an animator, used to describe our eye movements when watching movies.

As an avid Scrabbler, I know the word from its anagram: CASCADE.


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