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Ancient Clown

Hey Rik:

Okay here it is...as I mentioned earlier; I don't have any problems with any opinions on anything I say, I only ask not to be misquoted, as I realize there is little I can do about being misunderstood.

(Law of Civilized Man)

a + c = d

a is you
c is cash/credit
d is desires/wants(security/control)

(Ancient Natural Law of Life)

a = b

a is you
b is everything/needs( joy & happiness)

You will notice that the only constant to both equations is 'you' and that 'd' & 'b' mirror each other much as our wants and needs do. Jesus tried to teach us that God has already provided everything we need, we just have to stop throwing it back in His face saying it's not what we want.
Therefore, as 'Evolution' proves only the successful survive...you now have a formula to follow and not become extinct...Take it or Leave it...Want it or Need it.
'GOD' gave you free will...use it wisely...I'm not here to take it FROM you, but to put it back into your hands...Christ died to give everyone a second chance. As the 'Son of Man', I'm here to see that you get it.

'WISDOM' is not the 'accumulation' of knowledge, but rather the 'proper application' of knowledge.
Do not seek to know...seek to be wise.

Hearing is different from listening, listening implies action.

As we are EITHER a part of the problem OR a part of the solution, it stands to reason that as soon as we STOP being a part of the problem, we immediately BECOME a part of the solution.
Remember, I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking.

7 musical notes---(cdefgab)
7 rainbow colors -(roygbiv)
7 senses (not 5) -(INTUITION -6th & EMPATHY -7th).

Breathe DEEP...Breathe SLOW...

Enjoy the journey, I'll see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Ancient Clown

Hello again my brother:

I also thought I'd re-add my abridged version of "The Tortoise & The Hare", as they do blend well together.

Gather 'round the campfire folks, it's storytime;

One day there was a Tortoise, considered ancient by some, who lived in the 'now', taking life one day at a time, when he was rapidly approached by a relatively young Hare, who challenged him to a race by saying;
"In a minute, I'll be miles ahead of you."
To which the tortoise replied;
"Fine, but in a moment, I'll be passing the finish line instead of you."

Remember folks;

"Evil" is just
'Live backwards'.
"Love" is the beginning of

To get to the end of a cirle you must go to the beginning and step out. CAIN must STOP killing,
if we are to be ABEL, to survive.
RETURN to God's LAW.

My words are for the fools and wise alike...it shall not be for me to determine which is which, but to distribute to all equally that their own ACTIONS shall determine for themselves which they are.

For though all may hear,
Only the Wise shall 'listen'.

There are things
Of Ancient's Days
Beyond both Legend & Lore.
Unwritten tales
forgotten now
But of that I'll speak no more
For they shall know
When the time is nigh
And not a moment before.

Conceived in the East
And born in the West
Created in His image
The 'least' of a test.

Hey don't you know me
I'm the 'son of man'
Born the 'Sign of Jonah'
Made to walk the land.

Annointed with a message
From the LORD above
And the message is;
"To learn to love".

Be 'Not Afraid'
Pope Vincent.

Ancient Clown

By the way:

Did you know that today is the;
7th day of the
7th month of this a
7th vibration year (2005=7)

Talk about cool vibrations...777!!!

Who you follow is who you are...Follow Christ.

Take this to all world leaders:

"End the War on the Poor & God"

ADD: poverty & homelessness to the human rights act.
SUBTRACT: Cannabis from your criminal codes altogether and recognize that which is made by GOD...and LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!

I AM, here to "End All War".
With your surrender or your destruction.
Your choice.

I AM, God's coice as His voice.
Those that fall upon me shall be broken to pieces, but those that I fall upon shall be crushed.

I AM, not the example to follow,
but rather the inspiration to follow the example.

Be 'Not Afraid'
PoPe V

Rik Abel

Original Post(fixed):


'In design, 1 plus 1 sometimes equals 3' - Josef Albers.

A guy I knew in Toronto called John had a '1+1=3' sticker on his boblbee backpack and a glint in his eye, so I asked him about it. He introduced me to Kropotkin's work (which I really should read properly some day) and the notion of 'mutual synergism'/'organic synergy'. You know, network effects and all that jazz, sum greater than parts, emergent complexity, etc...

I googled 1+1=3 this morning and found it was also a quote from Albers, so now I like it even more.


"A=B is the equation we should live by, where A is you and B is your needs." - Ancient Clown.

Ancient Clown was a hippy pothead I met who cultivated a circle of acolytes who believed him to be the second coming, a notion he did nothing to disabuse them of. He was quite charismatic, granted. And he made little trees out of twisted wire. Oh, and he predicted the tsunami several days in advance. Go figure. He managed to wear sandals with no socks for the duration of a Toronto winter, which makes him a fairly impressive individual. Also taught me how to breathe properly.

Oh, and a third thing:

"Some men are fruits, and some men are roots" - Geronimo the Trinidadian poet.

Geronimo was just way cool.

Posted by: Rik Abel at June 22, 2005 11:21 AM

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