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Very glad you're both ok. Poor London...


Very glad you're both ok. Poor London...

Chris A

Good heavens. Glad you're both well. They interviewed some man on the street who said "We'll just carry on. That's what we do. We're English."


Just found out about this tragedy. You're the first person I thought of whom I know lives in London. Glad you're safe. Where were you at the time?

Roger (in Toronto)

Ancient Clown

Why We're Not Here

There has been a question
That has crossed everyone's mind
It has plagued us all
From the beginning of time.
It's been asked in schools
They haven't a clue
It's been asked in churches
But they're asking you.
It's been tackled by scholars
Doctors, lawyers, and judges
And where writers have tried
We find only smudges.
Great thinkers have tried
And tried, and tried again
The closest of these I think
Was Mark Twain.
In the history of man
It remains unclear
And the question is
Why are we here.
To help out a bit
I have some suggestions
To find the right answers
You must ask the right questions.
Are we here to be the type
Who kills and destroys
Who builds themselves bombs
And plays with nuclear toys.
Surely we're not here
To ravage the trees
The rivers, the lakes
The oceans and seas.
I don't think we're here
To learn how to hate
Nor to suppress
Enslave, or mutilate.
I know we're not here
To watch children starving
Not with turkey politicians
Ripe for the carving.
I doubt that we're here
To spread this disease
I doubt that we're here
For any of these.
So what could it be
If none of the above
What of understanding
Compassion, and love.
With life so confusing
And answers so rare
I thought that just maybe
My thoughts I would share.

Pope V

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